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Rain is a slice-of-life/comedy/drama written by Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick that follows the life of a teenage male-to-female transgender girl named Rain, as she attempts to go through her senior year in high school identifying only as a woman. Along the way, she makes friends with an eclectic bunch of people of varying orientations and gender identities. See their stories filled with silly humor, teenage angst, occasional adult angst, copious amounts of love triangles, mockery of product names, complex relationships, tons and tons of dialogue, and sometimes a cute, little bunny. How can you go wrong, right?

This wikia is for fans of Rain to collaborate and share our love of this comic.

Main Characters
Rain headshot

Rain Flaherty

Fara headshot

Fara Bryer

Gavin Headshot

Gavin Kurz

Maria headshot

Maria Strongwell

Rudy headshot

Rudy Strongwell

Emily headshot

Emily Caston

Debbie headshot

Debbie Gero

Holly headshot

Holly O'Neill

Devon headshot

Devon Givens

Drew headshot

Drew Borelli

Robert headshot

Robert Roberts

Chanel head shot

Chanel Montoya

Ana Headshot

Anastacia Rubina

Brett head shot

Brett Desrocher

Aidyn headshot

Aidyn Vintage

Madison headshot

Madison Vintage

Todd headshot

Todd Bittner

Randy headshot

Randy Martin Guy

Ellen headshot

Ellen Parker

Brother Arthur headshot

Brother Arthur

Liriel headshot

Liriel Flaherty

Kellen headshot

Kellen Flaherty

Aiken headshot

Aiken Flaherty

Unknown headshot

Marcus Flaherty

Simone headshot

Simone Kurz

Trevor Headshot

Trevor Kurz

Frank Headshot

Frank Johnson

Norman headshot

Norman Strongwell

Donna headshot

Donna Strongwell

Heather headshot

Heather Coven

Ky(lie) headshot

Ky(lie) Coven

Jessica headshot

Jessica Li

Chase headshot

Chase Brenton

Vincent headshot

Vincent Valverde

Unknown headshot

Chiaki Koizumi

volume 1
The New Girl

Chapter 1:The New Girl

Rain ch.2 secrets and lies by littlelynn84-d37j1a8

Chapter 2:secrets and lies

Rain ch.3 normal people by littlelynn84-d3cn0db

link=Chapter 3

Rain ch.4 not the same by littlelynn84-d3hwbqx

Chapter 4:Not the same

Rain ch.5 cordially invited by littlelynn84-d47a3iu

Chapter 5:Cordially Invited

Rain ch 6 fallen angel by littlelynn84-d4cqrjp

Chapter 6:Fallen Angel

volume 2
Rain ch.7 mixed feelings by littlelynn84-d4mdfa1

Chapter 7:Mixed Feelings

Rain ch 8 confrontation by littlelynn84-d4prxhw

Chapter 8:confrontation

Rain ch 9 one week by littlelynn84-d4tawkg

Chapter 9:one week

Rain ch 10 friendship by jocelyncd-d55416p

Chapter 10:friendship

Rain ch 11 big brother by jocelyncd-d5dxf5q

Chapter 11:big brother

Rain ch 12 drab by jocelyncd-d5jse8b

Chapter 12:drab

Rain ch 13 togetherness by jocelyncd-d5qo9qc

Chapter 13:togetherness

Rain ch 14 no more fake smiles by jocelyncd-d5wis5p

Chapter 14:no more fake smiles

volume 3
Rain ch 15 the january girl by jocelyncd-d648vud

Chapter 15:the january girl

Rain ch 16 the exception by jocelynsamara-d6drjhg

Chapter 16:the exception

Rain ch 17 journey of 1 000 miles by jocelynsamara-d6m24ri

Chapter 17:journey of 1,000 miles

Rain ch 18 sunny by jocelynsamara-d6vijji

Chapter 18:Sunny

Rain ch 19 vincent s story by jocelynsamara-d6zii39

Chapter 19:Vincent's story

Rain ch 20 just a quiet weekend by jocelynsamara-d74fd7k

Chapter 20:just a quiet weekend

Rain ch 21 valentine s day by jocelynsamara-d7cx3rk

Chapter 21:valentine's day

Rain ch 22 valentine s night update 7 30 by jocelynsamara-d7jcetx

Chapter 22:valentine's night

volume 4+
Rain ch 23 the flaherty siblings by jocelynsamara-d7xg3ny

Chapter 23:the flaherty siblings

Rain ch 24 of cons and kisses by jocelynsamara-d8clyjl

Chapter 24:of cons and kisses

Unknown headshot

Chapter 25:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 26:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 27:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 28:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 29:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 30:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 31:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 32:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 33:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 34:

Unknown headshot

Chapter 35:

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  • Aiken Flaherty Rain's older brotherGo to Aiken Flaherty
  • Heather Coven Ky(lie)'s older sisterGo to Heather Coven
  • Ky(lie) Coven it's complicatedGo to Ky(lie) Coven
  • Gavin Kurz Rain's childhood friendGo to Gavin Kurz
  • Rudy Strongwell the joker of the groupGo to Rudy Strongwell
  • Maria Strongwell Rudy's protective sisterGo to Maria Strongwell
  • Jessica Li Rain's mentor who's name Fara can't seem to rememberGo to Judy Li
  • Emily Caston class valedictorianGo to Emily Caston
  • Fara Bryer Rain's aunt and guardianGo to Fara Bryer
  • Rain Flaherty the protagonist who only wants to be seen as who she isGo to Rain Flaherty