Maria is the sister of Rudy Strongwell. Maria is very protective of her brother and stands up for him even when he refuses to stand up for himself

Sexuality Edit

Due to her Catholic upbringing, Maria is very conflicted about her sexuality and dates Gavin to hide the fact she is a lesbian, using Gavin as a Beard.

Initial reaction to RainEdit

Maria at first didn't believe Rudy when he said Rain was a 'guy '. But after finding out that Rain is in fact trans she has become protective of Rain. She also quickly developed a crush on Rain (not that Rain ever knew).

Her reaction to Rain and Rudy's relationshipEdit

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After Rain and Rudy got together Maria tested whether she could ever be straight with Gavin. After finding out that yes, she did not like boys that way, she broke up with Gavin. Following that, she announced to the whole school that she was a lesbian using a homophobic slur.

It was soon after this she started dating Chanel.