Emily is a classmate of Rain's. She puts on a straight bitchy exterior, to keep her 'reputation' but she is actually a caring person that just wants to make her mom proud. Her mother however, is rarely home as indicated by Emily in many instances.

Sexuality Edit

Emily is pansexual but pretends to be straight to her friends beyond Rain and her friends in an effort to keep her image up and have the "perfect" senior year. Emily is currently in a relationship with Rain.

The Halloween PartyEdit

Spoilers inside
Emily hosted a Halloween party with her then boyfriend, Chase Brenton. She was at first upset when Ky showed up uninvited but was quickly distracted by Rain's costume of an angel with black wings. It was also around this time that she became pregnant by Chase.


The first person Emily came out to about her pregnancy was Rain on New Year's Eve. She has since came out to the rest of her real friends (although most already knew).