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Just for those who may not be aware of the term, “drab” is how you might describe a transgendered person (including transsexuals, crossdressers, drag queens, etc.) that is presenting as their birth sex. For instance, if Rain is dressed as a boy, she is dressed in “drab”. My original idea had Ruby on this page too, but that took away from the “drab” theme.

Anyway, Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 were initially intended to just be one very long chapter (kinda like Chapter 6). Looking back, I’m not sure how I expected that last chapter to condense into like ten or so pages, but it managed to end up a whopping twenty-three altogether. THIS chapter is intended to be normal length now too. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean I have some absurdly long fifty page chapter coming here… but I guess we’ll see what happens. ^^;

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