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Maria and Gavin are having a conversation when Gavin notices Rain. The two comment on Rain's attractiveness.

After a beat, the two make a bet. The bet is that Maria can talk to Rain before Gavin (with the wager being $5). This is followed by a second bet that Gavin can convince Rain to go on a date with him (wager of $10).

This bet would later drive the plot of several strips, staring with 13:Risky Business.

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Ooh… can it be? Development and conflict (and characters) finally coming in? Oh, delight!

Oddly, despite that, I don't feel like I have a lot to say about this one. I guess I'll just let the page do the talking for itself.


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Maria headshot
So, then I'm like, "No way, man. That's NOT a duck."
Gavin Headshot
Hey, Maria. Check out the girl with the braid. She's pretty cute.
Maria headshot
Ooh! A new girl! She IS pretty. The "one covered eye" thing looks so hot on her.
Gavin Headshot
Maria headshot
Five bucks says I can talk to her first.
Gavin Headshot
Ten bucks says I can get a date
Maria headshot
You're on, bitch.

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