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Rain expresses fear and apprehension as she enters St. Hallvard High School for her first day.

She attempts to reassure herself that she is not hurting anyone and she has a right to attend the school, and that all she needs to do is blend in and not draw attention to herself.

This, however, fails to calm her, which she admits to herself in the last panel.

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I can’t believe this is up to page 7 already. Seriously. Time flies when you’re having fun. Oh, we’re having fun, right? I know I am, anyway!

ANYwho, the first thing anyone’s going to notice about this page is all of the random uncolored students in the background. This was initially done on purpose so I could have random folks in the background without making unimportant people stand out too much. I ultimately dropped this idea when I decided to make all of the other students potentially useable characters, so this is actually the only page that does this. I meant to go back and fix the coloring, but got sidetracked with my eagerness to move on with the story beyond here.

So, I’m just gonna go with the excuse that it’s symbolic; Rain is trying to pretend they’re not there to make herself less self-conscious. So rather than seeing classmates normally, she sees these almost transparent people. “They’re not real; they can’t be. No need to be self-conscious.” But then she enters her classroom to find two classmates (and important characters as of next Monday) in color, as her mantra starts to wear off and she begins worrying just how difficult the coming year is going to be for.

That’s not bad actually, for having just made that up now. I’m kinda proud of that. Clever symbolism as an excuse for laziness - boo ya.

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Rain headshot
This is it... There's no turning back, now.
Rain headshot
Maybe Aunt Fara is right, though. I have every right to be here and I'm not hurting anyone.
Rain headshot
All I have to do is blend in and not draw attention to myself.
Rain headshot
Besides, I don't know anyone and I'm really quiet and shy. This should be easy.
Rain headshot
Oh, who am I kidding? I feel sick already.

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