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THIS was a fun page. I enjoyed having Rain and Ky(lie)’s first interaction being completely oblivious to one another. ^_^

For those of you who are wondering what DID end up happening with Aunt Fara and Heather, all will be revealed in time. Apparently, drinking was involved though. And according to Ky(lie), it was hilarious. Good thing there’s pics. XD

Oh, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, Rain’s night is really kinda turning more and more sour…

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Kylie headshot
Fara's answering service.
Rain headshot
Uh... You... You're not Aunt Fara.
Kylie headshot
Ah. You must be the niece. Rain, right? I'm your downstairs neighbor. Your aunt and my sister got wicked drunk and passed out on the couch.
Rain headshot
she what!?
Maria headshot
Rain... Your voice...
Rain headshot
But she has to drive me home.
Kylie headshot
Whoa. That was weird. Eh. Maybe she's getting over a cold or something.
Kylie headshot
Anyway, yeah. Even if she was conscious, I don't think she's in any shape to be driving you anywhere. But if you want, I can show you some hilarious pics I took with my phone later.
Rain headshot


Yes. That would be great...

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