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In today's random character cameos, we have three random nobodies in the first panel (the three non-cosplaying ones).  Then there're two somebodies (the ones in cosplay with dialogue).  They are Roland and Callista from a not too old fantasy epic of mine, Impure.  Well, cosplayers dressed like them, anyway.  I considered a few other characters from other stories for this bit, but I mostly went with them because of Callista in particular.  I don't oft use the skimpy armor look for characters, but I happened to want to try it with her when designing her character a few years back.  And when it came time for this con arc, her design felt necessary.  Can't have a convention without some young lady in scantily clad cosplay, right?

Anyway, I don't know if lines for big events or high profile celebrities like this are common or rare, but I have heard stories about this kind of thing.  Whatever the case may be, Rain wouldn't miss this chance for anything.  And if it means not having to listen to Kellen for a few hours, neither would Emily. XD

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