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Fighter Frogs crossover with Twin Hydras?  I remember that being pretty good.  Still Rain, finish the original before losing to bizarre spinoffs!  XD

On to more important matters though, Kellen... just... what the hell?  To some extent, we can see she cares for Rain (in a way).  "Playing along" shows she's trying to behave for Rain's sake(?).  I mean, she's made it a couple hours into the day before really starting to be horrible.  But those words also imply that she doesn't even understand why she's trying to be nice.  Kellen's had this all explained to her already though (a few times, in a few ways), so why is she still so apprehensive of accepting this?  

Is it really because she's still "new to this"?  Is it their father?  Does she just not understand the gravity of it all?  Is it just too different for her?  Is there any logical reason at all?  What IS going on in Kellen's head?

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