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The moral of the story is that no matter what ships you don't think exist: they exist.  No matter how implausible they may be, someone out there has thought of it.  Whether they're canon or not is another story (the gross lack of canon is Rain's problem with this pairing by the way).  That said, I can't figure out if I'm more amused by Emily's reaction or Kellen's.  XD

For the sake of argument, I'm gonna go ahead and say it's not hentai though.  Rain and Emily are under 18, so I'm not 100% sure Rain could buy something like that no matter how much Maria might want it (I don't know if they check for that at cons).  So let's say it's more of the kissy sort of girl-love, rather than the really dirty, naughty kind (it just uses a pic from the obligatory "swimsuit chapter" to be more enticing on shelves). XD

Artistically, the fancomic cover was a total nightmare to draw.  I originally planned to include showing a table filled with "girl-love" ships (canon or not), but dialed it back when I was seriously struggling with this.  If the image itself wasn't tricky enough, the only reference I have of Aneko is terribly drawn, at a weird angle, and happened well over 500 pages ago.  So even though I wasn't really, it felt like I was designing a new character on the fly as I went.  And the end result looks a wee bit too much like Pandora (you know, that other Rainverse anime character I haven't mentioned in a while), which I totally didn't notice until weeks after finishing the art for this page.  So, yeah.  I love this page for the humor; but otherwise I actually kind of hate it.

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