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Let's derail the serious stuff again. Can't have a friend crying in your house, right? Kylie jumps in and offers a playful tease, and bam, Emily's laughing and we're in the clear. And don't worry about Rain's feelings either. I'm of the belief that if you're close enough friends, there's nothing wrong with a little teasing (that's clearly the case as she gets over it two panels later).

Somewhat pertinent: Prom would be a ways away in the story, but it's definitely something I want to include. So I would love to ask some of my teenage Rain Beaus if you know anything about prom policies in your school today. My prom was 12 years ago and I feel like a lot has changed between the time I was in high school and now. Not to mention, I don't remember any of the protocol (but at the time, I was also presenting as a guy with a female date at a public school for my prom, so my personal experience kinda fails me here). I realize it's probably different for every school, but the more I know, the more I have to work with. Even if your prom was a year or two ago (or coming up in a few years), it's more current than my experience. So any input would be most welcome. ^_^

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