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Ryan cries to himself, while Liriel assures her other children that his outburst is just part of a phase.

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Oh, good god! A splash page? Already? Don’t worry, there aren’t a lot of these (most pages in fact have quite a bit packed into them). In fact, aside from the chapter intro pages, this is technically the only one. I tend to find this to be cheap so I’d like to not make a habit of splashes like this.

But onto the relevant subject matter! Who’s up for a little debate? Let’s get a little controversial here, shall we? X:

How do you feel about the response Ryan’s mother gave to her 4-year old child? Was she too hard on the kid? Do you think maybe she should have just humored him, especially since she herself just believes it’s a phase? Or did she really do the best she could given the situation? If you were a parent and your very small child came to you and said what Ryan said, how would you respond? What is the right answer… if there is one?

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Aiken headshot
He's actually crying? Man, now I feel bad for laughing like that. I thought he was just joking or something...
Kellen headshot
Right? I thought so too! I mean, does Ryan even know the difference between boys and girls yet?
Liriel headshot
Don't worry about it. Just let him get it out of his system. Both of you went through some odd phases when you were his age, so I honestly can't say I'm surprised. Just give him a couple days. This won't last long. I'm sure of it.

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