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And the day is saved by… Mrs. Parker…?

(I’d like to just point out that the boys would have their own gym teacher, as the boys and girls would naturally be separated during this class. Incidentally, I didn’t think of anyone for that role yet though, so we’re just going to pretend he’s really late for whatever reason. In this case, Mrs. Parker has every right to yell at even the boys to return order… and apparently pelt people with basketballs? Well, that might just be her getting aggressive as things continue to blow up in her face throughout the day...)

Anyway, that could have gone a lot better. I mean, I guess it COULD have been a lot worse too. Like, a LOT. But it still wasn’t an ideal scenario. I rather feel bad for Rain.

I think the harshest part about all of this is that Gavin isn’t actually trying to be a jerk. It might be a little unclear WHAT he’s trying to do right now, but he’s not trying to be a jerk. Do keep in mind that if he was, he really could’ve outed Rain at any time… so why doesn’t he? Food for thought?

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Gavin Headshot
Move, Maria. I need to talk to Rain.
Maria headshot
Hell, no. You gave up your right to talk to her when you abandoned one of your best friends for opening up to you.
Gavin Headshot
Which is why I need to talk to h-her. I regret that, okay!? But I need some answers! I need to know what she's trying to do!
Holly headshot
You're right, Emily! He just wants to talk to Rain!
Emily headshot
"What she's trying to do?" What the hell does that mean?
Devon headshot
Abandoned a friend...?
Drew headshot
I told you so, didn't I? Now he's gonna dump her!
Maria headshot
Could you keep your freaking voice down! I don't care if you don't agree with it, but at least have the respect and decency to not make a scene!
Gavin Headshot
"Not make a scene?" And what do you call what you're doing right here!? It's just ridiculous.
Ellen headshot
What the HELL is everybody yelling for!?
Ellen headshot
Can everybody get back to where they belong and kindly shut up?
Ellen headshot
While we're at it anyone NOT doing crunches in the next five seconds is getting detention and maybe a basketball in the face!
Ellen headshot
And that means you too, boys!

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