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Hey! It’s Gavin! Remember him? How about the other guys? Because, you HAVE seen them before… mind you, it was a while ago. 

10:High School in a Nutshell

I still haven’t formally named them in the story though, so just to make things easier for my commenters: The African-American guy is Devon. The chatty blonde guy is Drew (though technically, he is named). And the short, plump, quiet guy is Rob.

But I bet most of you don’t even care. I bet you are still hung up on the word “girlfriend”, and were probably waiting for me to say something in this little comment section here. 

Well, good luck with that. ^_^

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Devon headshot
Hey, Gavin, I don't mean to pry, but I noticed you and your girlfriend sat apart at lunch. Is everything okay with you and Maria?
Drew headshot
He's probably in the doghouse for talking to that new girl!
Devon headshot
You mean, Rain? You actually TALKED to her! Man, that's not fair. She barely even said two words to me, or anyone from what I hear.
Devon headshot
How did the guy WITH a girlfriend, get to talk to her? What's the secret!?
Gavin Headshot
Okay, first of all, Maria and I just had a little Argument yesterday and I'm sure things will be back to normal soon.
Gavin Headshot
Second, you guys should probably give up on Rain. I promise you, SHE is not your type.
Drew headshot
You say that, but I can see right through you! I bet you're going to dump Maria and go for Rain, aren't you?
Robert headshot
sigh: Only you would think that, Drew...
Drew headshot
I mean, just check her out! Of COURSE, she's my type!
Maria headshot
And if still think you don't pass, just look at all the boys on the other side of the gym checking you out.
Gavin Headshot
Is she... no, he... seriously dressed like that!? What is he thinking!? What is his problem!? Why is he doing this!?
Gavin Headshot
I...I have to know...
Devon headshot
Hey, Drew! I think you're right! Look at how mad he looks for being found out.

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