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Alternate titles for this page include “Nerdgasm”, “Rain Actually Talks!”, and “WALL OF TEXT”. So, of course, I go with the unwitty one. I don't even like the word "otaku". 

I still have admittedly mixed feelings about how I introduced this into the story, but it is (believe it or not) a very important aspect of this comic, so I knew I didn’t want to wait too much longer to do so. 

As it stands, she can already be seen reading it here. 13:Risky Business

...and then it’s even next to her bedside if you look closely. 4:Morning Routine

If you’ve been paying any attention to the story as a whole for the past 30 pages (hey, we’re on page 30!), then you probably should be able to draw at least one parallel from Rain’s description (there are two important ones in Rain’s description alone). If not… well, I guess that’s okay too. It won’t really hurt how you see the story for now. Just don't ask me to explain it, because I won't. ^_^

And for a possibly better and less eccentric synopsis of "Black Wings, Kaminari", do consider checking the description here - RAIN BLACK WINGS KAMINARI

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Unknown headshot
Grab your things. You have a visitor here to escort you to your new class
Maria headshot
I hope she doesn't kill me for this.
Rain headshot
What's up, Maria? Don't you have gym now?
Maria headshot
Hey, is that a manga you were reading?
Rain headshot
This? It's "Black Wings, Kaminari"! It's my favorite!
Maria headshot
Oh, yeah? Never heard of it.
Rain headshot

It's about the princess of this floating kingdom. Her name is Kaminari, and as you might imagine, she has black wings. You see, everyone in her country has wings, but to make a long story short, there's this legend that says that anyone with black wings will bring misfortune to the kingdom. So, even though she's the princess, she ends up having to leave her own kingdom behind to live on the surface.

Anyway, she ends up going on this journey on the surface world, but she's still an outcast, being the only one who has wings. Fortunately, she eventually ends up meeting three companions who can accept her including a proud swordsman, a hotheaded mercenary woman, and a silly mage boy - all of whom are outcasts themselves.

Then as the story goes on, they get swept into conflict after conflict and everything that happens is just really awesome. I totally recommend it!
Maria headshot
I think this is the most i've ever seen her talk.
Rain headshot
Hey, wait a minute. What did she mean by my "new class"?
Rain headshot
Maria, you traitor! Where are you taking me!?
Maria headshot
It's really not like that...

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