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I sort of hate the way I brought Maria and Chanel into this arc. I kinda wanted to do a lot more with them, but I felt like their role seemed mostly disjointed to everything else going on that it was hard to work in. That said, I didn’t feel I could leave them out entirely. This little segment with everybody seeing everybody and Chanel pretty much learning everyone’s truths all at once kind of helps reattach them to the plot after all.

Theory time: Will Rain actually come out? Would she even need to at this point?

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Maria headshot
And that's why Rain and Rudy are dressed like that.
Chanel head shot
That's really confusing. And kinda sad. It does clear up a few things though.
Maria headshot
Sorry, I really wanted to tell you but...
Chanel head shot
It's okay.
Chanel head shot
I'm used to being left out.
Kylie headshot
So, what now?
Ruby headshot
The good news is that I don't think anyone here thinks less of you. No one's gonna tell.
Gavin Headshot
Right, but I still think you should tell your brother the truth. Even if he hates you for it, he has the right to know.
Ryan 2 headshot
You're right. I realized it earlier, but I was afraid. I still am. But you're right.
Ryan 2 headshot
Will you guys come with me though?

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