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I feel like it wasn’t totally clear, but this scene is literally following the other scenes with Rain/Ruby and Aiken/Chase. Time has passed since we’ve last seen these two. Kylie has calmed down a little, and asked about what the hell is going on. So Gavin clarifies everything that’s happened to everyone in the friend circle (since Kylie goes to a different school and is not as privy to this information). 

As you can see, Kylie is doing all the talking here. I wanted it to come off like Gavin just actually spent the last hour or so going into the details of everything in the story (since Chapter 1) thus far. What you’re seeing, is Kylie kinda repeating it back in brief summation.

The end result: man, I liked this page a lot better on paper than in practice. I really was trying to just push the story forward a little, but this feels clumsy to me. At least the last two panels are okay, I think.

Oh, and Kylie’s bi. Yes, it was the point to throw that out there as haphazardly as possible.

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