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I think it’s abundantly clear by now that I like lots of dialogue, but this page has been toned down rather graciously. Originally, I had an entire dialogue in place with Maria telling some funny story, that random boy trying to ask Rain out, and of course, Rain herself just being neurotic. Then a few pages later, I reread this page and thought it sounded AWFUL. So bad in fact, that I just deleted all of the dialogue. With no dialogue bubbles, the “silent” page kinda spoke to. Then the better idea of having Rain narrate over the scene while this short montage of events occurs came to me. And that worked ever so much better.

Pay no mind to the random guy. He really is just that: a random guy. After the death glare Maria gave to him, I wouldn’t blame him he ran right out of this comic altogether. And we may never see him again… ^_^

Or will we…?

Nah. I didn’t care much for his design, so probably not…

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Rain headshot
So, the next day, Maria and Rudy were happy to include me as one of their friends, so it seems I may not have to worry too much about standing out.
Rain headshot
They're a lot of fun to be around, too
Rain headshot
Although they both still use male pronouns in reference to me...
Rain headshot
...and sometimes very loudly.
Rain headshot
But I really don't think anyone else has caught on yet. I'm not sure if it means I pass THAT well, or if everyone else is just THAT dumb, though.

Maria death glares.

Rain headshot
Maria has agreed - well, offered - to handle everyone who asks me out.
Rain headshot
Whatever it is she's doing though, it works.
Rain headshot
I'm under the impression that she has some kind of reputation, but i've been afraid to ask honestly...

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