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Liriel Flaherty asks her kids - Aiken, Kellen and Ryan - what they'd like to be when they grow up. A future lawyer, doctor and mommy are in the Flaherty household.

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Nearly a year and a half after first announcing that I wanted to post "Rain" in webcomic form, I at long last give you… the first page! Da-da-daaaaa! ^_^

For those of you only discovering this right now, "Rain" is a slice-of-life/comedy/drama that follows the life of a teenage male-to-female transsexual named Rain (coincidentally!) attempting to go through her senior year in high school identified only as a woman. It's intended to be a comedy, but it will also touch on some heavy subjects including acceptance from family and piers[sic], blind hatred, and many of the other difficulties faced by members of the GLBT community. I write a lot of stories to put it bluntly, but "Rain" in particular holds a special place in my heart, perhaps due to its semi-autobiographical nature.

So, this is the first of hopefully very many. I hope it’ll be a long run that everyone will appreciate. ^_^

(It should be noted that the majority of the comic is in color. I plan to use black and white for flashbacks though.)

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Liriel headshot
So, have you kids ever considered what you want to be when you grow up?
Aiken headshot
I'm going to be a lawyer, like dad.
Kellen headshot
I want to be a doctor so I can help people.
Ryan headshot
I wanna be a mommy, like you!
Aiken headshot

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