Rain is running down the hall after the events of the previous comic.

As she runs, she realizes that Gavin could be a good choice for a friend to come out to. Her reasoning is that since she has some history with Gavin, he would be more supportive of her.

Rain's thoughts are interrupted by her colliding with Rudy (although at this point we do not yet know his name). While Rain is lying, dazed, on the ground, Rudy appears to have spotted something shocking. This is presumably Rain's underwear or genitals (which are biologically male).

Author NotesEdit

"Oh… my… god…”

Well, I thought about being a total jerk and just leaving it at that while you wait all weekend to see where things go from there, but there’s actually a number of things I wanted to address about this page.

You see, I have an outline for this comic, but I don’t really follow it all the time. Make no mistake, this crash was always there; but there have been at least three separate candidates for the other end of the collision (the other two being miscellaneous kids from page 10). I opted for this kid instead, whom you’ll get to know quite well in the near future. He’s an important character and this SUCH a perfect opportunity to bring him in.

And for those of you wondering, “why does that boy have an orange collar instead of a blue one like all of the other students?” Well, as part of the uniform in St. Hallvard High School, the color of the collar (and ends of the sleeves) denotes what grade you’re in:
Red - Freshman
Orange - Sophomore
Green - Junior
Blue - Senior
I will probably clarify this directly within the comic at some point, but really haven’t had a solid means of doing so just yet, so I thought this friendly little reminder might be welcome, as I’m sure a number of you were wondering that.

Aaaaand… okay, now that’s it. See you next year! :D


Rain headshot
It IS Gavin! How did I not notice!?
Rain headshot
And how did I move to this stupid town to get away from everyone who might recognize me only to run into HIM!?
Rain headshot
Although when I think about it, there's probably no reason for me to be freaking out
Rain headshot
I mean, if I need to tell someone about me, I might as well telling someone I technically know, right?
Rain headshot
I guess running like that was kinda stupid...
Rudy headshot
Oh my god, that hurt...
Rudy headshot
Hey, miss! Are you okay?
Rudy headshot
Wait a sec...? M...miss...?
Rain headshot
Rudy headshot
Oh... my... god...

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