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Fara lectures Rain about how risky it is to draw attention to herself. She then suggests that Rain come out to a friend, one who can help her and she can trust.

Rain expresses skepticism at the effectiveness of said tactic, but Fara says that "[I know it works] because I've BEEN that friend for someone just like you before."

Spoilers inside
Fara is referring to her relationship with Vincent Valverde, a FtM Transsexual.

Fara then reminds Rain that they could always move back to their old hometown and go through Rain's last year of high school presenting as male. Fara reasons that transitioning would be much easier and safer in college.

Rain ain't having none of that, and employs a time-tested teen method: sulking and whining to herself over food. She decides that she should attempt to employ Fara's first suggestion: find a friend. However, she is unsure how to find someone she can trust.

Maria enters, and asks to sit down with Rain. Maria is probably trying to win Gavin and her's bet.

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Big important page for Christmas. The first tiny hint we learn about Aunt Fara’s past, the first we ever directly received an indication that Rain is not physically female (although I’m relatively certain 95% of you were already on board with that already), AND the first contact between Rain and Maria… all on one page!

And, I'm drawing a blank on what else I can talk about so let's just leave it at this - Merry Christmas, everybody! Or whatever you celebrate, just have a good one. ^_^

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Fara headshot
I don't know what you did, Rain, but it seems to have drawn a lot of attention to yourself. I'm not against you having a relationship if you think you handle it, but you really can't keep going with this many eyes on you. You WILL get caught!
Fara headshot
You need to stand out less. And since I can't necessarily always be right by your side to, I think it might be best if you tell someone.
Fara headshot
I mean, someone you can trust. Make a friend or two who would be willing to vouch for you
Rain headshot
Tell someone!? Isn't that kind of risky too!?
Rain headshot
Besides, how do you even know it would work? Couldn't it just as easily make things worse?
Fara headshot
I've told you before. I know these things because I've BEEN that friend for someone just like you before. Anyway, of course it's risky. This whole thing is risky. But I thought you told me that you could handle it and that you'd do whatever it takes to make it work
Fara headshot
Or we could move back home and you could just go through your last year in high school... normally. You know... a boy.
Fara headshot
I understand that this is something you want to do for yourself, but I'm telling you it'll be so much easier and safer when you're in college.
Fara headshot
What's one more year, right?
Rain headshot
Stupid Aunt Fara. She doesn't have any idea what she's talking about...
Rain headshot
I'll show her I can do this. I have to. I just need to find someone I can trust.
Rain headshot
But how do I do that...?
Maria headshot
Hey, new girl! Is this seat taken!?

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