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The bell rings to signal the end of class. Rain exits the class surrounded by several boys (Drew, Rob, and Devon) who compliment her, obviously attempting to flirt.

Emily exits the class talking about Rain and her squeak in roll call with Holly and Debbie.

Maria and Gavin exit the class discussing Rain's shyness around boys and how this 'might bode well for me for once'.

This could be foreshadowing of Rain's orientation, later revealed to be homosexual.

Gavin then remarks that he has a possible way to win his bet against Maria.

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There's a lot of characters shown here. Don’t worry though, it’s not technically necessary to know all of them by name. Few of them are crucial to the story, but you never know, I may come up with a perfect role for some of these kids. ^_^

Also, you can almost kinda sorta see Rain’s left eye for the first time. The wacky part: I totally don’t remember drawing it like that. O_o

Huh. I thought I’d have more to say about this one. But all of my points escape me at the moment. These ten-hour shifts at my job are apparently killing my ability to think. Oh well. If you guys have questions about it, just ask as always. ^_^

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Devon headshot
So, you're new here right? Do you need me to give you the tour?
Rain headshot
Oh my god... How did this even happen?
Drew headshot
You might have a pretty funny voice, but I want you to know you also have a pretty pretty face.
Robert headshot
Drew! That's a terrible thing to say! She's blushing! That's so cute!
Emily headshot
The new girl? Well, she seems like a bit of a skank...
Emily headshot
...and I don't even want to know what that "noise" was...
Emily headshot
...but regardless, I don't think she poses any threat to my perfect Senior year.
Maria headshot
She seems to be pretty shy around the boys. this may actually bode well for me for once.
Gavin Headshot
Or maybe she's holding out for a REAL man.
Gavin Headshot
Besides, I think I may have an "in"...

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